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Sports news of Belarus

Belarus is a country where the development of many popular sports activities is supported by government: football, hockey, biathlon, tennis, etc. Belarusian athlets have been European champions, World champions and Olympic medalists many times. The names of many Belarusian Olympians have firmly made a history of the international sport. The achievements of Belarusian athletes are the reason to be proud of our country and its talented people. A special section «Sports» on «Belarus 24» will help you to follow the news and events of the sport world of Belarus.

Sports news of Belarus on «Belarus 24»

News of Belarusian hockey, biathlon, tennis and football – each of this you can see in the section «Sports». Hockey is one of the most popular sport activity in Belarus, development of which is supported by government. The year 2014 was a landmark year: Belarus hosted World Hockey Championship. In 2021 our country will have the honor to do it again.

«Belarus 24» is a channel which highlights\follows the main sport events of Belarus. We show you the events, which are taking place in the world of sports and famous Belarusian athletes. In the show «Two sides of the Olympic medal» we are talking about the performance of our countrymen at the important for Belarus Olympics, which took place in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Also watch shows, like «The Sport Mix», «The Training Day», «The Snow Leopard».

Sports News: watch on «Belarus 24»