Historical places, UNESCO heritage, vast expanses, picturesque scenery and warm atmosphere – It is Belarus! We drove around the blue-eyed Belarus and the lenses of our cameras saw the most beautiful places of the country, and now we want to share the results of the work with our audience.

  Belarusian Castles make us plunge into the past and wrap us by mystery and majesty. Our capital, Minsk, is a beautiful, clean and bright city indeed. Brest proudly bears the title of the Hero City. Grodno is famous for its cozy European streets. Vitebsk annually hosts on “Slavianski Bazaar” and it is rightly called the cultural capital. All the big and small cities, towns and villages have a unique beauty.

  The unique nature of Belarus has an exceptional charm and makes fall in love with it on the first try. We give the opportunity to enjoy the charm and versatility of our homeland, even if you are thousands of kilometers away.

  Know that you are always welcome here! We bring Belarus closer to you!

From forebears' ages, long since gone,

           A heritage has come to me,

           Among strange folk, among my own,

           Me it caresses, motherly.

Y. Kupala

Belarus is an amazing country. On its small territory you can find anything: mountains, rivers and lakes, as well as ancient sights, to see which thousands of tourists come to Belarus each year. Tolerant and peaceful people, beautiful nature, medieval castles of Mir and Nesvizh, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, international festivals such as «Slavianski Bazaar» in Vitebsk , which attracts talented people from different countries of the world, national holidays and tasty Belarusian cuisine - all this is Belarus.

A series of videos about the sights of Belarus

The team of the TV-channel «Belarus 24» have decided to make Belarus closer to our viewers. And it was with this goal that the videos «Welcome to Belarus!» were created. In these videos you will see:

  • magnificence of Belarusian castles;
  • greatness of ancient Belarusian cities;
  • sights of regional centers;
  • charm of Belarusian nature.

«Belarus 24» – a TV-channel that makes Belarus closer

If you want to discover this amazing country, watch the series of videos «Welcome to Belarus!». Even being a few thousand kilometers away from our country, you can get acquainted with its architectural monuments and natural heritage. You will explore Belarus from another side. This country is definitely worth visiting to see everything with your own eyes.

Hospitable Belarus is waiting for you!