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Culture news of Belarus on «Belarus 24»

Republic of Belarus is a country rich with cultural and historical heritage. It is reflected in architecture, museums, arts, music, literature, theatre and cinema.

Cultural events in Minsk and Belarus on «Belarus 24»

Culture of Belarus continues to flourish in the modern world. On the territory of the Republic of Belarus the following events are held annually:
• Slavonic Bazaar – International festival in Vitebsk;
• The Legacy of Centuries – historical international festival in Grodno;
• Dozhinki - a festival-fair of harvesting;
• Terra Nova – international festival of digital arts;
• Belarus Fashion Week;
• Night of Museums in Belarus.

Every month international festivals and republican events are held in Belarus, world-scale celebrities often visit our country to give concerts. Folk traditions are also strong: the traditional Belarusian holidays, such as Maslenitsa, Kupala, Kolyady and others, are still widely celebrated.

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